Mobile Shopping Assistant (MSA)

Application Description

Mobile Shopping Assistant (MSA) is a simple and intuitive shopping list app that allows you to create, manage, organize and share your shopping lists with others. The app allows you to create your own product catalog, reuse lists, customize currency units and save best prices you come across as you shop.

Application Features

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Application allows you to build your own product catalog and specify each products price
  • Share shopping lists via email, SMS etc.
  • Recieve promotional message alerts from leading Supermarkets near you
  • Specify currency unit shown on your shopping lists.
  • Save best prices of products and the supermarkets you get them from
  • Cross out items on your ‘Quick List’ as you do your shopping
  • The application is able to suggest products to add to your shopping list(After you have more than 4 budget lists)
  • Help Menu showing the applications functionality

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